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We provide personalised 1:1 and 1:2 Pilates sessions, workplace Pilates for you and your colleagues, and group classes in the community.

Whether 1:1 or in a group, all of our sessions are focused on Joseph Pilates’ original teaching methods.

Our Classes


Our group classes are small, to ensure you get the personal attention needed to make your practice safe and effective.

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Pilates For You


Our 1:1 and 1:2 Pilates sessions are tailored to you and take place in our private studio in Steyning.

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Workplace Pilates


Our workplace Pilates is a great addition to your company’s wellbeing policy, for the benefit of your whole team.

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 “Pilates is complete coordination of mind, body and spirit”

– Joseph Pilates


  • Releasing endorphins through regular Pilates practice lowers stress and improves overall mood
  • Practising Pilates improves sleep and increases daily energy
  • Learning the Pilates principle of control during movement can help you to feel control in all areas of your life


  • Pilates is all about core strength – strengthening the core helps to mobilise and protect the spine
  • Regular Pilates re-educates the body’s posture and improves muscle control
  • Pilates practice improves coordination, flexibility, endurance, and overall strength


  • The combined mind and body benefits of Pilates contribute to a healthy immune and nervous system
  • Pilates enhances creativity and improves day-to-day function
  • Regular Pilates practice can increase confidence and boost social connections

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